OEM Paper Packaging Supplier

Happy packaging product different kinds of paper packaging boxes such as corrugtaed box ,gift box ,kraft paper box ,coated paper box ,bottle holder ,paper bag and OEM design boxes.

  • 1204-2024

    Packing boxes, as the name implies, are boxes used to pack products. They can be classified according to materials such as paper boxes, metal boxes, wooden boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated packing boxes, PVC boxes, etc. , can also be classified by product names such as: mooncake boxes, tea boxes, wolfberry boxes, candy boxes, exquisite gift boxes, local products boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, food and drug health products boxes, food packaging boxes, tea packing box, stationery box, etc

  • 1803-2024

    Still struggling to find a box shape? Still wondering what kind of box type and product is most suitable? Do packaging, absolutely inseparable from the following 12 conventional box type, designers in need, please be sure to collect

  • 0603-2024

    In the field of scented tea box design, there are many directions worth exploring. As a traditional drink, scented tea box design is very important. An attractive box can impress consumers and increase their trust in the product. Therefore, designers need to work on the design of the box, make it difficult to ignore .