OEM paper packaging manufacturer

Happy packaging product different kinds of paper packaging boxes such as corrugtaed box ,gift box ,kraft paper box ,coated paper box ,bottle holder ,paper bag and OEM design boxes.

  • 1202-2022

    Carton can be divided into ordinary box (cash register box) and box that is heaven and earth cover (such as up and down the size of the printing box) and buckle box (such as no order line on the small and large copy box)

  • 0606-2023

    From steaming hot and dry noodles to fragrant buckets of fried chicken, from delicious drinks in online celebrity milk tea shops to a variety of casual snacks... With the official landing of a paper "plastic ban order", all kinds of food have begun to call for high-quality green packaging, and the market of paper products in the food field has been enlarged.

  • 1105-2023

    Suzano SA, the world's largest maker of hardwood pulp, is considering selling its products to China in yuan, in a further sign that the dollar is losing its dominance of commodities markets. Walter Schalka, chief executive of Suzano SA, said in an interview on Monday that the yuan was becoming increasingly important and that some Chinese customers were also willing to use the currency to trade. While the dollar still dominates global trade settlement, the shift to the renminbi in commodity contracts ranging from oil to nickel is accelerating.