OEM paper packaging manufacturer

Happy packaging product different kinds of paper packaging boxes such as corrugtaed box ,gift box ,kraft paper box ,coated paper box ,bottle holder ,paper bag and OEM design boxes.

  • 1202-2022

    Carton can be divided into ordinary box (cash register box) and box that is heaven and earth cover (such as up and down the size of the printing box) and buckle box (such as no order line on the small and large copy box)

  • 1801-2023

    In terms of the current market, the entry threshold of the flexible packaging industry is getting higher and higher, affecting the development of soft packaging enterprises. In terms of the current equipment demand of soft package printing industry, electronic shaft printing equipment has gradually replaced mechanical shaft gravure printing equipment for printing process, and the application of flexographic printing will get long-term development in China

  • 1403-2020

    After corrugated cardboard is processed into corrugated boxes, the compressive strength will decrease linearly. Why? How to maintain the compressive strength of corrugated boxes?