Commonly used 12 types of paper packaging box details


Commonly used 12 types of paper packaging box details

Double sides colose box 

Double sides colose box  is the most common kind of carton packaging on the market, with the same socket above and below, after die cutting, printing, paste box, folding, and finally forming, the design structure is relatively simple. Double box can be called the originator of paper packaging box, is the most original box type.

Suitable for small, lightweight products (such as: toothpaste box, beauty makeup, medicine, flower tea and other product packaging box)

Advantages: The production process is simple and the printing price is cheap

Disadvantages: relatively conventional, low differentiation; The bottom is not easy to carry heavy items

types of paper packaging box

Bottom box

The bottom box is named because the bottom is the bottom structure, and the bearing capacity is better than the double box. From the surface, it looks no different from the double box, but after the expansion diagram is opened, you can see the difference at the bottom, the top of the buckle box is a socket, the bottom is a buckle, the load-bearing effect is better.

Often some electrical appliances, agricultural products, food and other packaging boxes will choose the bottom structure, a wide range of application, the box type is durable.

Tuck end Box 

The aircraft box, as the name suggests, is named because of its unfolded appearance, which is more like an aircraft. The structural design is used to achieve integrated molding, which does not need to paste the box, and can save processing costs.

Mainly used for packaging some of the volume is not too large and easy to transport goods, such as clothing, peripheral, jewelry, small electrical appliances and so on.

Advantages: Good compression effect, convenient folding. This box type is widely used in the market, from ordinary express packaging to high-end luxury packaging can see its figure.

Disadvantages: The aircraft box is a non-precision printing product, which can not use too complex patterns or too many colors when printing, the weight is relatively heavy, the volume is not too small, and the printing cost and freight are high.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

paper packaging box types

Lid and Tray box 

The heaven and earth cover is composed of two parts: the cover box and the bottom box, which are separated from each other and are generally used in combination with the upper and lower small buttons. Suitable for use as a boutique gift box, mobile phone boxes, headphone boxes, beauty instruments, jewelry, tea and other products that need hardcover generally choose this box type, which can improve the packaging texture and product image.

Advantages: The lid box can improve the texture of the product packaging, and the upper and lower opening action can enhance the opening ceremony of the product.

Disadvantages: The paper is more, the cost is relatively high, so the products that cover the gift box with heaven and earth are generally priced higher.

Book shape box

Because the packaging style is like a book, the packaging box is opened from the side, the box is composed of two parts of the panel and the bottom box, and some book boxes need magnets, patches and other materials.

Book box is more delicate than ordinary packaging box, more suitable for high-end, light luxury products, is currently one of the options on the market boutique gift box.

The printing of book boxes pays more attention to the process, gold stamping and embossing are the most, and the addition of special processes can further improve the texture of the product, but the printing cost is relatively high.

Drawer Box 

Drawer box is divided into two parts of the outer box and the inner box, which is very convenient to open the box by pulling, and the box itself is also called the outer box, which is divided into two forms of opening on one side and opening on both sides. This kind of box type double-layer structure has the characteristics of drawing form, which is more solid and firm.

The box type of the drawing method can often better accommodate the contents, and the products inside are not easy to fall off when opened, so the mooncake gift box is mainly based on the drawer box.

Handle Box 

The bottom of the handle box is mostly the lock bottom structure, which can increase its bearing capacity, and the upper hand design is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

The general handle box mostly chooses corrugated paper mounted white card or gray background white, which is the most commonly used box type in the gift box. The hand box type often appears in products such as hand gifts, and this scene is strongly related to his portable function, and it can go!

Advantages: The biggest feature is easy to carry

Disadvantages: The handle box needs to pay special attention to whether the volume, weight, material and the structure of the handle are equivalent, so as to avoid damage during use

Window Box 

Box mold cut window, or paste transparent PVC, so that the goods can be more intuitive display in front of consumers, increase the truth of the goods. Commonly used in wine, food, toys and so on.

Advantages: You can see the internal goods, real and interesting; There are many ways to open the window, which can enhance the interest of the box

Disadvantages: Often businesses will put the best part of the product in the window, the rest of the place can not be seen, with a certain risk of consumption inducement

Display Box 

Display box is mostly used to display goods, the background is a very good brand output scene, can cooperate with the product to make a lot of interesting pictures, often used in beauty, blind box display cabinet, now on the market for domestic blind box display box printing, foreign products, similar to eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara and other products display box.

The packaging of display boxes plays a very important role in the sales of goods, and is a key factor in whether offline physical stores can attract consumers' attention, and can improve the added value of products to a certain extent.

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