How To Maintain The Compressive Strength Of Corrugated Boxes?


How To Maintain The Compressive Strength Of Corrugated Boxes? 

After corrugated cardboard is processed into corrugated boxes, the compressive strength will decrease linearly. Why? How to maintain the compressive strength of corrugated boxes?
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The compressive strength maintenance of corrugated boxes has the following aspects in terms of experience:
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1. When producing corrugated paper, the barrel temperature and wrap angle of the single-watt machine should be determined according to the air humidity at that time, and kept as dry as possible.
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2. According to your situation, after feeling late at the end of the line, the humidity of the air in the workshop may not allow corrugated cardboard to be stored overnight. If it is needed in the summer, finally seal it with plastic.
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3, the paper feeding roller of the printing press is deformed, and the medium and high abrasion causes the overall gap to be reduced, and the cardboard is crushed when feeding.
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4. Due to the domino effect brought by the third point, your impression roller gap must be smaller.
5. Excluding 2 3 4 reasons, the general host hand should adjust the gap according to different corrugated layers and corrugated shapes. If you carry out large round stencil printing, such as Master ’s iced black tea, this four-open carton, you will definitely have Pressure, which will crush corrugated cardboard.

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