Corporate News

  • Let the printer tell you what gravure printing is?

    What we haven't touched is a little hard to understand, including what is gravure printing in our printing. Today, Panyu printing factory will introduce intaglio printing to understand.

  • Three factors of cosmetic packaging box

    The cosmetics industry is booming at an unprecedented speed, with countless new cosmetics on the market every year. In our country, high-end products occupy the primary position of consumer demand, which is the fastest growing part. Exquisite cosmetic packaging design can promote sales in a wide range of retail environment, so as to provide sales and increase turnover. In order to mobilize consumers' purchase desire, you can try the following three factors

  • Three Sales Skills of Top Sales Professionals

    Everyone who does sales knows that salesman's sales experience and skills are very important. To be an excellent salesman, it is necessary to master some sales skills. So, what are the effective and practical selling techniques?

  • Thank you to visit Happy Packaging company

    New Zealand Big Food packaging distributor visited Happy Packaging company and reached cooperation .New zealand A1 Safety Packaging is the biggest distributor for food packaging box in New zealand .Happy Packaging will sale more than 10 containers to A1 safety packaging in one year .

  • Happy Packaging Celebrate Chinese Dragot Boat Festival

    Happy Packaging Celebrate Chinese Dragot Boat Festival

  • Happy Packaging Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival

    Lunar Calendar Aug 15th is Chinease traditional holiday --Mid Autumn Festival .Happy Packaging workmates join together and make a activity to celebrate the activity .All of the staffs enjoyed the good time .

  • Welcome new staff to join Happy Packaging

    There are three new staffs join in Happy Packaging this Week and now Happy Packaging have 12 staffs in foreign trade department .Happy Packaging keep to offer high quality paper box to customer and keep going on to develop big market !

  • Happy Packaging enjoy weekend

    Team Work is the soal for one company and it's an important part for company development and growing .Happy Packaging hold activity and team together in every month to improve team work ability and let staff know more of each other and work better in the Job

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