How To Deal With Color Box Burst Caused By Die Cutting Process


How To Deal With Color Box Burst Caused By Die Cutting Process

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1 When making a die-cutting board, the position of the wire is not handled properly or the wire is cut by burrs. In die cutting, if the product has a surface treatment, such as a film. The burrs left on the steel wire during die cutting can damage the tensile strength of the surface film, and the film is not stressed when the product is formed, and cracks can occur.
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2 The steel wire at the dark line has a cutting edge and an interface. Due to unevenness at the interface, tearing may occur during die cutting.
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3 When the position of the sponge pad of the crimping knife is inappropriate, the pressure line may burst. Deformation of the crimping tool can also cause the pressure line to burst.
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4 Whether the wire on the blade and mold is reasonable. In particular, the thickness of the paper was not considered in the design, and knives and threads could not be effectively avoided in the lap joint, and interference occurred during molding, so the force was excessively concentrated and cracked.

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