Carton production process: from raw materials to finished products


Carton production process: from raw materials to finished products

The main raw material of the carton - pulp, pulp is the basic raw material for the manufacture of paper, made of a variety of materials, including straw, wood, waste paper, wheat stalk and so on. After the material is collected, it goes through a series of treatment processes, such as cleaning, crushing, chemical treatment, and finally into a pulpy substance.

The pulp will be fed into a paper machine and converted into continuous paper by pressing and drying. This step is crucial to the quality of the paper and directly affects the performance of the final product. The thickness, strength and smoothness of the paper can all be adjusted at this stage.

Carton packagings

After the paper is made, it enters the next step of the carton production - the production of cardboard. The paperboard factory is at the heart of this process. Here, rolls of kraft paper are fed into the cardboard production line. Kraft paper, because of its unique yellow color and unbleached and maintained high toughness, wear resistance and strength, is widely used in outer packaging and industrial paper.

In the production line, the base paper is first treated by a tile roller to press out corrugated paper. This corrugated paper has good cushioning performance and is a key part of the load bearing of the carton. Then, both sides of the corrugated paper will be coated with glue, respectively adhering to the top paper and the bottom paper, forming a single pit cardboard, that is, we often say three layers of cardboard.

Carton Factory

The cardboard will be cut into different sizes according to different needs, and assembled into cartons by gluing or nailing. These cartons can be simple square boxes or complex custom designs to meet the packaging needs of various products.

In the entire carton production process, every step is crucial, from the selection of raw materials to the preparation of pulp, to the production of cardboard and the final assembly, each link affects the quality and performance of the carton. This process also reflects the concept of environmental protection and resource recycling, as the cartons can be reused or recycled to make new pulp.

Carton manufacturer

The production of cartons is a complex and delicate process, which not only requires advanced technology and equipment, but also requires strict control of raw materials and production processes. Through this series of processes, we get strong, reliable cartons that play an important role in protecting goods, facilitating transport and promoting environmental protection.

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